davidsitting2A native of Liverpool, England and a long-term resident of Hong Kong, David has worked in theatres for more than 50 years.

He has played many classic roles, including Hamlet and King Lear, and his experience extends to directing and theatre design, where he makes use of his skills as an architect. No less a figure than Michael Palin once performed on stage under David’s directorial eye.

More recently, David has had his first experience in the world of movie-making, playing the character Rants in the upcoming film Pound of Flesh, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and directed by Ernie Barbarash.

“I guess there could be no better guides for a new – if rather old – boy than Jean-Claude, Ernie and John Ralston,” says David. “It was fun and passed off far too quickly!”

When he’s not involved in theatre, David is an avid reader, Classical music lover and film buff with a predilection for science fiction, action and disaster movies – and, of course, Shakespeare.

David lives in Hong Kong with his wife, Janis, and two cats: Bill and Bella.